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Full Version: Frontier Blocks from Thursday 27 March
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For anyone travelling in Bolivia. Lorry drivers have warned that if the government does not stop a new ban on exports of oil by Wednesday night they will strike and block the main frontiers (Chile, Brasil, Paraguay and Peru)

The main route Puno - Copacabana (via Desaguadero) is one of them.

Keep ears open for news as the strike looks very probable with 2 days to go.
Wow, sounds scary. Do you live in South America? Let us know what happens!
I wish I did! But sadly just travelling around (Veromarcos travel pod).
I speak Spanish so I tend to keep reading local newspapers to see what is going on.

Bolivia has always seemed unstable but it seems to be directing itself to quite a split. There are several regions wanting to gain "autonomy" and the government and Armed Forces have said that they will intervene to avoid referendums planned for May.

Its getting hotter!

With regards to the strikes they are now confirmed and we will just have to see how badly the roads are cut. Latest news today was that 18,000 lorry drivers might support the blockage.

Also the producers of soya oil have stopped their production and buying it from farmers as they can no longer sell it to third countries with the new regulations to control inflation.

We will be in La Paz tomorrow and "trying" to cross the frontier to Peru end of week so will update then. We are hoping that the buses will go from Copacabana to the frontier and then the strikers will allow tourists to walk across. If not we might just have to immitate the Uros and build a totoro vessel and row across the Titicaca! crazy.gif
Oh my, now THAT would be "something for the blog" heehee

I will be watching for your post after you attempt to cross, and stay safe!
Ok! Ok!

All safe! We made it with strangely no problems apart from the usual frontier kerfuffles of Bolivia.

I have put a few comments on our travelpod but apparently the Transport Union has decided to wait until Monday to try to negotiate with the government.

We saw no lorries on the way to Peru (via Desaguadero) and we guess that the route via Copacabana will be equally easy.

However, anyone travelling in Bolivia just keep ears open. Threats are still there so blocks could happen.

If I read anything locally I will post new comment. sweat.gif
Wow, glad you made it, what is your end destination?
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