Hello all, Two of my buddies and myself will be visiting Europe in March. London 14-16th, Dublin 16-18th, Amsterdam 18-21st, Prague 21st-24th, and Paris 24th-28th.

I'd love to find a few locals throughout our trip to share a drink with and get a local feel of the cities we're traveling to. I'd be happy to buy you a drink at a local watering hole. Just looking to experience every city at it's best with the little time we're spending in each place. We're in our mid to late 20's, the 3 of us are male and just looking for a memorable trip. I have all of our hostels and apartments book and I'm not look for a place to stay or anything like that. Drop me a line if you think there are any must sees I need to see that I may have over looked. Or if you want to grab a drink while I'm in you city drop me a line for that too.

Already planning on making a trip to Kutna Hora to see the Bone Church. I've rented an apartment within walking distance of Charles bridge. Plan on checking out the normal tourist stuff. What else should I be looking to check out?

I should add I'd be happy to return the favor if you're every Florida, United States or close to it.