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Full Version: Finding Euros in Gibraltar
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I just got this emailed to me. Can anybody help?

"We are bringing a seventy year old friend for his birthday on Tuesday next for his first look at the Rock and have not had time to organise any euros for taking a trip into Spain. Can you please tell us if euros are readily available in Gib. and some idea of the current exchange rate please, this would be very kind of you."

My answer:

I'm pretty sure that Euros should be very easy to find in Gibraltar, but you wouldn't need that many anyway, (I wouldn't withdraw more than $50) as long as you have a credit card. The fees for using your credit card in other countries (esp. developed countries) usually aren't that costly. Everytime I go traveling, I just put most everything on my Mastercard. You can avoid sooooooo many headaches this way.

Even if you couldn't find Euros in Gibraltar (unlikely). It should be even easier to find a place to exchange money once you got to Spain...
Yeah I doubt it's too hard to find Euros in Gibraltar. They use Gibraltar Pounds not Euros in Gib though so ATM's are unlikely to offer Euros. I'm sure banks are readily stocked with Euros though so changing currencies shouldn't be a problem.
One thing to watch out for ... when the local vendors give you change, make sure to ask for Euros or British pounds. Make sure to not leave the country with Gibraltar ounds, as they are not accepted anywhere else (and can be difficult to exchange elsewhere).

I'm jealous! Have fun watching the monkeys on the Rock! I can hardly wait to go back!
Charlamae: Go back? Are you planning a trip to Gibraltar?

BTW I missed you! Where have you been?
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