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Me again!!

Has anyone done the open water dive course in Brazil? I found the list of centres on the PADI website but can't seem to find any info? We would be looking to do it in Rio, Sao Paulo or possibly Ihla Grande, although I don't know how cheap it is to stay on Ihla Grande beach.gif , we are going to be cheap and cheerful backpackers.... Or anywhere in between Rio and SP?

Any input would be great! yes.gif

Thanks v much
Hmmm, if you don't find your answer here, you might want to check

I didn't find anything with a basic search, but maybe you could post a new topic...
Hello Derv,

Here are a few more sites in case you didn't find them yet:
Clearest water in the Rio de Janeiro area is to the north at Arraial do Cabo, Buzios and Cabo Frio. Ilha Grande is expensive, but there are cheaper accommodation on the mainland . Look for accommodations around Parati.
Prices are in Brazilian Reis, converting at about BRL 1.68 to the USD. (in Portuguese) (in Portuguese)
This site has tons of links, some of them with English translations.
1. Undewater photographers
2. Vessels (Shurmann has English)
3. Dive magazines
4. Wrecks
5. Other web sites
6. Certification

Hope this helps a little
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