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Full Version: Rules for entering Thailand
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Hi. Last time I flew into Thailand, during the flight it was mentioned that you needed to show a itinerary or onward ticket out of Thailand to the immigration officials.

I know when trying to get on a plane to Thailand from Australia, they (the Australian airline staff) won't let you on without a onward ticket.

What is everyone's experience of this situation. What is it like coming from different countries? How about over land? What are the rules?

I actually can't answer this, as I enter on a Non Immigrant O (basically a Married Visa), so different rules apply to me. So for you guys that are tourists - what is going on? What do you need to get into Thailand?
Noone checked any outward tickets or asked anything about future plans when I flew from Heathrow to Bangkok last June... I don't know if its just pot luck regarding the people working at the time then or not... or if its got stricter since then.
i get nothing either, and i've entered/left the country half a dozen times in the last year - but then i'm on the same basic visa as paul. i DO know that having your girlfriend's relative working at nong khai border crossing on the laos side is a godsend!

we spent well over an hour getting into the country on the 14th of this month, and walked through with absolutely no checks (her cousin was carrying my passport for me), no queuing and none of the scrum around the visa-on-arrival window that i had on my way there... don't you hate people like me when you see it happen! i know i do, but then i've never been on the privileged side before smile.gif

btw, DO NOT listen to anyone on the nong khai side at the train station/tuk tuk area about getting visas. they'll stiff you for a couple of thousand baht+ ...we did it on the lonesome and paid around 1,300 altogether. i would recommend getting the visa before (or online now i think too... paul?) as it saves the grief at the laos window.
Haven't been in a couple of years but in the number of trips over we've taken, we've never been asked for anything but passports.
Flying from India (Chennai) to BKK in Feb 08 I was not asked to show proof of onward travel. I have a RTW ticket, but they didn't even ask to see my tickets, and the date of my next flight is over the 1 month limit I can stay anyway.
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