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I'm going to be spending a few days in Prague in March while I'm in Europe. I wanted to know of a central area to stay in. I want rent an apartment while I'm there. I'm traveling with some friends and we plan on spitting apartments in the different countries we go to. I was also wondering what kind weather I should expect during March?
Hi there! You can check some apartments in the central Prague on or or Temperatures are usually slightly below 10C in March, but might be also as high as 20C or as low as 0C. Similar is also the rainfall. Usually it does not rain much, but all the "usual" conditions seem not to be valid in the last few years. You should better check the forecast prior departure. Anyway, enjoy your stay!
QUOTE(mimiama @ Jan 22 2010, 03:36 AM) *

I've been able to find all these sites on my own. I'm just wondering what a centrally located area or good area to stay in. Like a city center or neighborhood in the mix of things?
Oh, I see. I that case, from all the central parts, Vinohrady is probably the best. Not very expensive and clean. Old town night be quite expensive. And I would not suggest to stay in central parts like Karlin, Zizkov or Smichov. You can also consider staying in a place more distant from the centre, but close to a subway. Subway is quite cheap and never more than 20 minutes to the centre.
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