The Top 7 gaybars in Prague

If you are visiting Prague, Czech Republic, and you’re looking for a “back-door” experience, don’t bother setting your “gaydar” and just follow these directions.

Within a small radius, there are a variety of bars and clubs to suit your need for guys and girls of all sexual orientations. However, there are some places you may want to avoid if you are going to save yourself from any trauma and unnecessary expenses.

1. The Saints

This is a friendly, well-lit bar located at Polska 32 in Vinohrady. It’s fairly small, which lends itself to a cozy atmosphere. There is a living space with couches as well as tables and stools set up around the bar area. The bar staff is very courteous and willing to answer questions. The patrons are even better. Thursday is Ladies’ Night, and occasionally the bar hosts events such as Women’s Rights Night. If you are looking to have conversation and make friends, The Saints is a good choice to spend an evening.