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Full Version: going to spend 2 weeks in New York, pls help!
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Hi all,

I'm going to have a 2 week holiday in New York where I plan to rent in a nice, clean, safe apartment (budget less than USD200 a night). I've never been there before, if anyone know a good apartment (Manhattan or Brooklyn) to stay as criteria above please help.

I'm working as a creative willing to take a break and find a chill place to go. I've heard there're many hip and cool places to go (apart from tourist attraction venues), If anyone know, please also share.

Thank you very much in advance & Appreciate.
Ah wish I could help on the apartment hunt. let me know where you end up or if you need advice on the area.

what type of places are you into? night clubs? cafes? musuems? when are you going to nyc?

Hi Skylab,

thanx for offering.

about to go place... i'm thinking about cafe, bar, local creative area, also ideal NYC culture venue. pls recommend.

thanx in advance.
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