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Full Version: How to get from Aranyaprathet to Angkor
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Hello all,

I am new here and I am planning a trip to Thailand for February, I have been reading different forums and I got very useful information! Thanks to all!
But I have still some questions, we are planning to go to Angkor, I would really loved to! And we checked the flights and the train option until the border and I think we are going to go for the more adventurous option, now the question, how do we get from the border to the temples? Are there long queues to cross the border? Is is easy? How long to stay? Can you recommend somewhere to sleep? Being European you know if we need a Visa to Cambodia?

Thanks in advance for your help!!

Hi Elena,
Welcome to the forums smile.gif

You can get a visa on arrival if you fly into Cambodia, and at some border crossings I believe, but you should check it out with whatever country you're from before getting to the border.

I didn't cross the border into Cambodia, but I did leave that way (had come from Sihanoukville) and didn't have any problems with queues or anything, but it might be different entering the country. Hopefully someone else can help with that, and how to get to Angkor Wat from the border (I came from Angkor Wat to Phomh Penh to Sihanoukville, staying at least one night in each)
I've crossed here a few times , it's not too bad , but you need to be aware of the scams and cons. Don't buy a bus a ticket from Kohsan road or anywhere else , it's easy to do on your own from bangkok by bus or train. You really should read the info on the page below, it will tell you all you need to know about crosssing the border at Aranyaprathet (Poipet) and getting to Siem reap and the temples of Angkor.

Tales of asia - Camodia overland

It's a fun and adventure journey , enjoy it , you prolly won't forget it !

PS. You get a visa on arrival at the border , but the site above will explain that also

Thanks a lot! I have read that post and now we know we are going!! It sounds still like a small adventure! At least for someone from Europe!!!

Thanks a lot and by the way I have another question, I have been trhinking of buying a Reflex Camera and have not yest decided which one, do you think these things are worth to buy there? I mean are they really cheaper? Just in case I need so badly to buy one to get great pictures of everything?

Thanks !!!

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