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Full Version: bkk to kathmandu - best options please..
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hey guys,
i'm starting to prep for my trip to nepal, tibet and china in march. looking at flights around the end feb/ start march, the cheapest seems to be around $760 from bangkok. i looked at flying up to hong kong and then down, or going into india and travelling overland/internal flight, but these are more expensive.

anyone got any better ideas? it seems a lot to pay for a 3 hour flight, but i'm guessing that it being march, and the spring, the hordes will begin descending so the prices hike up.
Did you see this yet?

Let me know if it is helpful.
Have you tried looking at going overland through China and Tibet first? It'd be easy to tag a trip to the Nepalese border to the end of a landcruiser tour around Tibet.
can't be done rich, as we're meeting up from three different locations, including two peeps coming over the mountains from india.

starlagurl: helpful info for when i get there, but no good for my purposes now, thanks though. btw, are you being paid by travelpod to deluge the forum with stories, or are just an enthusiastic newbie? smile.gif

i should have been a bit more specfic - what are the best flying options? royal nepal is nearly universally castigated, but probably the cheapest, whilst thai is probably the option i'll have to choose but pretty expensive for a 3 hour flight
Hi Thellie,

Starlagurl is Travelpod's new Forum Community manager. She certainly is working hard in the community don't you think!
certainly is...!
If you don't mind taking a few budget flights then you can get to India a lot cheaper and make your way overland.

BKK-SIN 4th or 5th March
1810 Baht - 31.30
Air Asia

SIN-Chennai (Madras) 5th March (Evening)
$S201 - 71.54
Tiger Airways


SIN - Kochi 4th March (Evening)
$S182 - 64.76
Tiger Airways

I'm sure you could get to Varanasi or somewhere close to the Nepalese border by overnight train from Chennai relatively easily.
that's great work, rich! thanks very much smile.gif
i'll have a word with me mucker and see what she thinks... it's knocking out a few days but we've got plenty to spare, and the savings will more than cover the extra travel... plus i'd like to travel overland a bit from india - bonus points.

i'm sending you a virtual pint (or virtual drink of your choice...)
make it a half... chennai and bangalore are 2-3 days away... means we'd arrive in kathmandu at least a week later than we planned to all get together... still, could be fun smile.gif

no reply from the mucker yet
They were the first dates I tried. Try looking at earlier flights.

Edit - Had a look and the prices were still the same a week earlier.
Yes, I am awesome...

Thellie: did you see how I rearranged the forums? Should I break some categories down differently? Questions comments?
hi starlagurl,
i'll have a look when i have a bit more time - we're all preparing for children's day tomorrow (wrapping about 2,000 presents for the hilltribe children at the moment...), so i just had time to nip on and check my messages...

...hadn't noticed any differences though. will try to open my eyes next time! and let you know my thoughts.
OK, have a great time tonight!
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