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Full Version: Driving into Vienam
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Hello everyone!

I'm hoping someone here can help....

A friend and me are driving from the UK to Australia next year. Our route is through Europe, crossing into Russia from Finland, then into China. Our plan is then to drive into Vietnam to tour south east asia before driving down to East Timor and shipping the Landy / flying ourselves to Oz.

I know that Vietnam has recently begun allowing right hand drive cars (ie British which is what our Landy is) to be imported and driven, but they don't recognise the Carnet (we know about needing a Vietnamese driving license)

Is it possible to get a private foreign car into Vietnam from China? Has it been done by anyone? What do you suppose the chances are? I did hear a rumour from several years ago of a car with British plates in Vietnam but only as a brief passing reference in a blog.

Failing Plan A as above, Plan B would be to drive into Laos instead.... If this is the case, can we then drive into Vietnam?

As a last resort Plan C would be to find somewhere safe for the Landy and leave him in Laos and cross into Vietnam by train / bus / taxi / whatever but this is the least desirable for safety of the car, not to mention the frustration of having a car and not being able to use him.

Any help is very much appreciated!

Thank you smile.gif

So, you're saying every other country BUT Vietnam will allow you to bring your UK car into their borders?

I will have a look around and see if I can find anything.

It seems like your best bet would be contacting the UK embassy in Vietnam though...
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