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Full Version: visa & drug conviction
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Ok, I'll try and explain this briefly.

I was caught with cannabis in 2002 and received a 300 fine (including conviction on my record).

In 2004, I was planning to go to america on holiday. I did a bit of research & decided not to take the risk of "ticking no" on the Visa Waiver form.

I didnt want to take the risk of arriving in the states & being shipped back home. I thought I would be honest.

I applied for a non-immigrant visa in the embassey in Dublin. This was about 3 weeks before I was due to fly out. At that the time the embassey was only having interviews on Wednesdays. My first interview I was told that I needed the ruling from the Court & they told me to come back the following week. They also took my thumb print. When I went back I realised that the judge had written cocaine instead of cannabis on the letter. The embassey were not impressed and said I had to get it changed.

Since I had only one more week to sort out the visa & book the flights/ hotel, I decided to not to travel.

Looking back now I know it would of been safe to travel & tick no on the Visa wavier form. But now they have my thumb print, so this is not an option..

I am planning to travel to america next summer for a week. I want to find out what my chances are. I've searched for this on the internet & fine a lot of people in the same situation. But I never seen a reply on if they were approved a visa. I would like to know if anyone out there has got a visa with drug convictions.

Many thanks
My friend was convicted for dealing drugs in Canada. He says he will never travel in the US because you have to write them a letter about "why you have improved your life" since the conviction... I don't know how true this is, but it seems that if you show enough remorse you will get approved.
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