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Full Version: Las Vegas - CO-ED / COUPLES SPA or indoor swimming?
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I've been to Vegas over 50 times. I have yet to find a SPA that will allow couples to sit together in the tubs. Maybe I am looking in the wrong places?

The weather is too cold to swim this time of the year & none of the Classy Hotels have indoor swimming. The spas are all "separate" except for the massages or treatments that can be done as a couple.

Any suggestions for a place to stay that has a indoor pool or better yet a "mixed" Spa?
I got this from Las Vegas Insider:

Are there any indoor pools? The only two hotels with indoor pools are not on the Strip. There's a Best Western on Valley View about 10 minutes west of the Strip and the Holiday Inn Express at Sahara & Durango is about 25 minutes to the west. During the cold months the Tropicana uses a glass partition to enclose the covered section of its large pool by the hotel's Island Tower. The pool and surrounding indoor area are kept heated to a comfortable level. There is also a Jacuzzi spa there. In the winter one of the Tropicana's smaller outdoor pools which is designated for adult use only is also kept heated to about 90 degrees. Normally that would be too warm, but in winter, when Las Vegas' nighttime air temperatures hover in the mid-twenties, a midnight swim in that pool is like basking in a hot spring. The tough part is getting out of the pool.

If you can afford it, the Tropicana sounds awesome.
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