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Full Version: The Rock Fortress of Sigiriya
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I found this awsome video this afternoon that I want to share with you.
Anybody travelling to Sri Lanka should include this site as well.

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We visited Sigirya about three years ago during a great holiday in Sri Lanka.

During the 1st Century AD, Kassapa (a minor Royal) built an impregnable fortress – doubling as a pleasure palace – at the summit of the rock. It’s a steep climb up and not for the faint hearted! There are some extremely hairy bits – including a metal spiral staircase pinned to the rock face leading to Sri Lanka’s most famous frescoes – busty beauties painted in the fifth century.

I don't usually do heights! Elaine went up the staircase leaving me behind but seeing so many people heading up this dangerous looking structure (including some very young children) I took several deep breathes, prayed to several deities and headed upwards. “Don’t look down, don’t look outwards, just don’t look!” I repeated to myself on the way up. I made it – not happily – but it was worth it. Pheeew!

Then up the steep paths again to the Lion Platform. The final path to the summit with two enormous lion paws carved out of the rock on either side, once led directly into a carved lion’s mouth. We both declined the final ascent up a narrow metal staircase attached to the bare rock face. Despite the horrors of the staircase, it was a very windy day, too!

It’s quite ironic that the guy who built the fortress was apparently afraid of heights.
Anyone going to Sri Lanka should include a visit to Sigiriya Rock - it really isn't too difficult to climb, and the view from the top on a clear day is absolutely amazing, but make sure you take your camera with you, as its a long way back down!

If going on an organised tour then your tour leader will come with you. If you are travelling independantly and want further information, there are lots of guides available, just make sure you agree a price with them before you set off. They are good, they do take pictures for you ect, and do have knowledge. Can't imagine how many times they have climbed the rock themselves!

Top tip - make sure you take a bottle of water with you, and remember climb the rock first thing in the morning!
Interesting tips! Thank you.
Thank you - used to live in Sri Lanka, so climbed the rock many times!
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