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I just found the site while surfing around for Brazilian related travel information. I love to travel to Brazil as often as possible and I even manage a Brazil related website.

Who else has been to Brazil and where do you like to visit??

Even though your post is technically spam, I moved it to the Brazil forum in case people want to talk to you about Brazil.

Please don't blatantly put your website in your post unless it is actually helpful to the discussion.

You are more than welcome to put your website in your forum signature, but not in the text of the post.
On your vacations, it's always advisable to have someone who can assist you with your travel arrangements. If you have an android phone, you can try downloading the travel club app mytravelsos. It says you have a personal assistant and not only that, you'll also have a full legal/medical coverage while on vacation. Why should I be paying a monthly fee if it only covers a couple of weeks of vacation for me? Personal Assistant on the go? How cool is that?
Brazil has countless attractions for tourists! from its marvelous beaches, national parks, outdoor activities, sports to indulge in, festivals to celebrate, its vibrant culture and most of all, my most favourite destination, the Iguaçu Waterfalls a blissfully mesmerizing sight to witness!
Which site is better for Iguazu falls the Brasial or Argentina side?
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