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Full Version: Travel Insurance to Myanmar
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As per some government's travel warning and boycott, most of the tourist , who want to come to Myanmar are facing difficult to buy travel insurance. Is there anyway to overcome this problem?? unsure.gif
That is easy for me - I don't get travel insurance.

But for others???
I have received a one reply from other forum.

"In US MedexAssist, will cover you. In the past I have always carried an annual policy from Travel Guard. However, earlier this year Travel Guard notified me in writing that they would not cover me in Myanmar because of the sanctions. After much research I found MedexAssist. They did cover me in Myanmar and put into writing that the coverage was valid in Myanmar. I found that I could get several trip policies at less expense than I was paying for the annual coverage."
Yes the best approach is to always go for multi-trip travel insurance policies as they are more affordable in the long run. But if you do no intend to travel frequently then the single-trip policy will do. If you are a senior then a travel insurance for seniors will be your best travel insurance policy.

try this

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