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Full Version: The best places in Bosnia
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I want to finish the balkan trip, a very nice trip.
I've visited Romania, Serbia, Albania, Greece, Croatia, Sloneja and now Bosnia. COuld you recommand me a few places to visit.
Thank you
Well, I would check out some of the blogs on Bosnia if I were you:
I spent about a week in Bosnia two years ago and really enjoyed it. Sarajevo and Mostar are the obvious musts. I also stopped in Banja Luka, Jajce and Travnik, the latter two of which I would definitely recommend. Banja Luka itself isn't much of a tourist destination - there are very few sites since all of the mosques were demolished in the war and most of the architecture is of the concrete, communist-period variety. About 11 years ago I went to Medjugorje in Herzegovina, but I don't know if it's really worth bothering with unless you're interested in the whole "apparitions of Mary" stories and resulting pilgrimage development.
I only visited Mostar and Sarajevo while I was there, but the country still rated as the highlight of my Balkans trip. Along with Montenegro, which you seem to have left off your itinerary...
Mostar has pleasant night life
I have relatives there, and it's always nice to see Mostar smile.gif
Go to Odzak, its beautiful and lots of things to do, you could also go to Modrica which is a nice place and theres also many things to do. I know because i went there. I have family over there. Obviously go to Sarajevo and mostar, zenica is a niceplace too! smile.gif flowers.png
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