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Hello Fellow Travellers,

I am leaving for East Africa (Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya) in just two weeks! Seems like my trip is coming together inch by inch. However, would love to hear any advice and suggestions from fellow travellers about travelling in these countries, places to go, budget accommodations, places not worth going, safety issues, etc. I am also looking to go on a safari with two or three other people in the Northern Circuit I was thinking focusing on just the Serenegeti and NCA. Seems like people have been dissapointed with Lake Manyara, is this true? Any suggestions for budget, camping safaris? Will be going in January or February for 5-6 days.

Interested in nature and wildlife, local culture, music and cultural festivals, and getting "off the beaten path". Will be in the region from January to May 10th. Most likely will be staying in the Northern region of Tanzania (and Zanzibar!) and southern regions of Kenya and Uganda. Please inform me of your favoriate places!


Sorry I haven't had chance to answer your email - I've had a busy week.

I'll probably get chance to answer this afternoon.

Some tips: 1. Dar es Salaam is not a great place for tourism. I have met several people who thought that they should go there for a day or two because it is a major city, but there is little of interest for a tourist there. 2. Ngorongoro Conservation Area gets colder than you would expect. A knit cap and light gloves is not a bad idea. Plan on windchills around 0 C. 3. Find out details where you are staying if you are camping. I personally love camping in the Serengeti or NCA, out in the wild, even though shower and toilet facilities are not ideal. If you have an overnight in Mto wa Mbu, however, camping may be inside of an enclosed lodge (Twiga or Figi Camps come to mind) next to the swimming pool and rooms, not the same type of experience. They are good places to stay and I like them both, but it s better to spend the few extra dollars there (and the difference in price there is really only a few dollars)and stay indoors with your own hot shower and a real bed. 4. Lake Manyara is very conveniently located for adding on to a safari. I don't dislike the park, but it probably won't be the highlight of the trip. I would rather go on a walking safari in Arusha National Park then go to Mto wa Mbu at the end of the day. 5. Hiking in the Usambara or Pare Mountains is a great off the beaten path excursion that can be done coming or going from Zanzibar (depending on the order you are doing things). I feel confident that you will enjoy the trip immensely.
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