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I want to welcome anyone who wants to come to Indonesia.
It's an archipelago consisting of 14000+ islands, mostly composed of volcanoes.
We have a lot of volcanoes, active or none active that we allow people to go up an take a peek at the crater. Please heed the local government warning however, as some volcanoes get very active and too dangerous to climb.

As a result of all these volcanoes, we have very fertile soil that produce lots of great produce such as 100+ varieties of mangoes during its season u can taste each one ( october-november), durian or the king of fruit. It has however an acquired taste. It tastes creamy, sweet & some intoxicating like wine. Its season is in december-January. Along with the durian came the mangosteens. This is cool for tropical fruit lovers..

For the sun worshippers, please stay away from our beaches during the rain season as very little sunrays are available. Heavy rain will make your days super gray and blue.. Please come and crowd our beaches along our coasts from april through september... when the sky is blue... the sun is shining brightly, sometime too bright for us locals... Peak season in Bali is June and December. During this time prices skyrockets up to triple what u would've paid during any other time of the year.

For Clubbers, check out the night scenes in Jakarta & Bali...
Beware when go to malls in jakarta & the other major cities as there are designated smoking areas and violations are punishable by heavy fine. Driving in the major cities required seatbelt to be worn at all time by driver and driver side passenger.
Local currency is Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) US$1=9500IDR
For scuba divers, don't forget to check out our famous national ocean park in Manado (Bunaken). It's in the northern coast of Sulawesi island or Celebes, the spice country.
That's all for my introduction.... Let me know if u r travelling to my neighborhood, I can give u more pointers of local foodfare and hot night scene...
I can't put everything here at this time...
Thanks Ima. I'm moving this to the Indonesia forum, so that it helps people going to Indonesia.
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