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Full Version: Prague Christmas Markets
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Whoever is coming to Prague these days, don't miss the chance to visit some of Prague's Christmas markets. The most favourite one is on Old Town Square with sparkling 20m high Christmas tree. Markets on Old Town and Wenceslas Square will last until 3rd January alongside an interesting cultural programme that will be on offer until 1st January. You can buy traditional wooden toys, muller wine, sweet chestnuts and other traditional drinks and food. You can also visit other markets, e.g. on nám. Republiky, 25.11.- 24.12.2009, nám. Míru, 20.11.- 24.12.2009, Palackého nám., 27.11.- 24.12.2009 or nám. Jiřího z Poděbrad, 23.11.- 24.12.2009. Where ever you will go, enjoy it and Merry Christmas! :-)
We were just there, mimiama. Sorry we missed the markets. Your advice was spot on. We enjoyed our stay very much indeed, even though it rained every day.
I was in Prague for four days just before christmas about three years ago. Yepp, the christmas markets are great! I was also in Olomouc about two weeks before that and they had a great christmas market on their picturesque town square. I love the Czech Republic!
Great to hear you liked Prague, guys. I'm sorry for not letting you know sooner about the markets. Btw., mmbcross, how was your train trip to Vienna? ;-)
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