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Full Version: Few questions about patagonia!
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Hi there! Ok so i want to go to patagonia on my own for about 3 months and just explore as much as possible. I'd just be trekking across/getting busses mostly.

I just wanted to know how much money i'd need to take with me and what the best time of year to go is!


This should help you decide about when to go:

Now, about money, if you're roughing it, I'd say you wouldn't need much money each day. Probably 30-25 pounds or so? Do I have my exchange rate right?
30 pesos will hardly be enough to cover one night in a hostel, things are getting more and more expensive in Argentina, inflation in that country is running wild, every year I go back prices have risen at least 30%, and patagonia is even more expensive than the other regions of the country.
I didn't mean pesos... I meant pounds... like they use in the UK. AKA $USD 60
Patagonia is a bit more expensive then the big cities for whatever reason. At most I'm thinking 100 pesos per night at a hostel. Depends what you're into.
cost 0 peso's in a tent by the road?
You wont pay 100 pesos for a shared room in a hostel in ARG, I was just checking prices, youll be paying around 40-50 pesos per night.
Sleeping on the road and youll get arse rapped by some gaucho ahah Should be fine though.
I'm Argentinian and live in Buenos Aires city.
YouŽll never expend less than U$S 100 per day, including hostel, food and beverages if want to have a trip and live like a person. Need to include de tickets (bus is not expensive, but 3.000 km of road are not for free...).
If you are in a low fat diet or like sleeping on the floor of bus stops, well....
The people of the region you are plannig to visit, leave of tourism hyper.gif !!!!!!

This region (Ushuaia, Calafate, Torres del Paine...) must be visited from December to March.


Note: Sorry about my english unsure.gif
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