As a consummate traveller, I'm quite aware of the need for finding alternative or new routes of travelling around a country. In some places this problem is quite easy to address, see e.g. Thailand, Cambodia and Asia in general, where you may find guided tours or guides at any corner, whether institutional or private, taking you almost all over, even to the remotest spot. Or, you may always rent a car or motorbike that takes you anywhere. But if you're without transport, then it gets difficult to move. So you are simply to skip certain memorable places.
I live in Milan, Italy, but I've never had concerns about travelling here, as I usually travel abroad when on holydays. I know my country well, and take 1-day tours with my partner every weekend, particularly to areas not farther than 50-100 km from my city.
Since last summer holiday I've thought about the above drawback over and over, and it came to my mind that most tourists going around my contry just simply miss some opportunities, like visiting the Piacenza hilly area or the mountains close to Milan (the areas I definitely know as my pockets!), which are quite lovely retreats from the hustle-and-bustle of the city, and where they can find, besides natural beauties, quiet gorgeous landscapes, sport activities like trekking, also (and especially) fantastic food and wine, which are usually unknown due to other more renowned italian regions and regional specialties. Prices over there are quite less than anywhere else in Italy, because they tipically are destinations for locals (they are out of the ordinary routes). In addition, these areas (especially Piacenza hills) are famous for agritourism, so you may find lots of farms with local handmade food and wine and accomodation capacity.
I'd like to start an activity as a tourist guide to those peculiar places, for tourists spending some days in Milan willing to see something else besides the city itself. I was thinking of one-day tours departing from Milan, with cultural visits to castles and vineyards or treks up the mountains, ending with a fantastic dinner in an agritourism facility. Advice and suggestions from all travellers on this website would be appreciated, as well as questions.