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Full Version: Diving Mergui Archipelago
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i am travelling to myanmar in january. hyper.gif

first doing some travelling around yangon and then I want to go down to the Mergui Archipelago and do some diving. can somebody help me finding a nice way getting there, maybe find a nice hotel/guest house and do some diving trips? has someone being there already? is it fine to go there and find a guest house by yourself or do i have to book some rooms now.

This seems to be the best source of info, but it's only in Kawthoung:

This person did, but it's all in German!

Tecknotrekker went (in 2005) but he found it difficult to go diving:

"About the only thing Myeik has going for it is the 804 islands off its coast that form the archipeligo, which would be very pretty if you got to tour around them in season. I came here in search of some pristine diving, but it became pretty obvious very quickly that there was going to be no way of explaining the diving concept to people here, let alone finding a dive shop or a boat to take me out snorkelling. I ditched those plans pretty quickly and focussed on getting out ."
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