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Full Version: Canadian work visa's
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does anyone know how easy/hard it is to obtain a canadian work visa and how long do they last for?

I'm currently looking into it myself. It's a bit more tricky than the others but it can be done. I'll post more soon, this is the most expensive internet cafe in the world. Hey now there's a new thread!?
tricky it seems but a friend of mine worked in canada for a year and im just trying to get as much info as possible
What about looking into the Working Holiday Visa like they have in Aus/NZ/Japan etc? I'm pretty sure Canada has it as well.
im google-ling as i type this but aint finding much - plus im not patience found something about a WHP permit and found this on it

The WHP Canada Work Permit is an "open" work permit, meaning that you do not need a job offer from a Canadian employer in order to apply. A WHP Canada Work permit is only issued to persons who meet the specific eligibility criteria and who are admissible to Canada. For other work permits you would require an offer of employment in Canada. In most cases, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) must also provide a Labour Market Opinion.

found this site but far too much reading and looking around for me atm as i got a headache

grrr i'll look into more at a later date when i can focus properly lol
Hi, im an Aussie who one year working holiday visa'd here (as long as you are under 31 no hassles to get) and am now on a 2 year work visa - sponsored though. My sponsored visa took ages to get, including Labour Market Opinion time it took 4 months! If you can get a working holiday visa it only takes about a month for response..
hey thankx for this info itsem
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