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Hi guys, does anyone knows a good dentist in Singapore?

Mags wink.gif
Dear Mags,

I have just emailed my singapore "penpal" and asked her but in the meantime, if it is an emergency, you may be able to get a list from your embassy. They usually are of some assistance when it comes to finding english speaking professionals.

Good luck!
My friend in Singapore sent the following info:

Midpoint Orchard
220 Orchard Road
Singapore 238852 Tel: 6-738-0383
Fax: 6-738-5786
Monday to Friday: 9.00am to 6.00pm
Saturday: 9.00am to 1.00pm
Night clinic by appointment only

I hope this helps smile.gif
While we're talking about dentists, be very careful when having dental work done in Perth, Western Australia. Several people from my hostel in Northbridge were stung with dental bills of hundreds of dollars that were not covered by their insurance policies. One girl spent over a thousand Australian dollars and she only went in with a toothache originally! Double check what is and is not covered by your medical insurance before paying your premium.
Hi, Every viewer of this thread, as the title suggest, I will like to learn singing through leisure vocal lesson. However, currently now the vocal lesson offered by the major Music School such as [/color]LWSSOM, Music Clinic, and etc offer $50 for each hour of session of lesson. It's too expensive for students like me. And I do not need the chance to perform in the outside world like what most vocal course offer. I hope to find to find a Leisure Vocal Lesson at $25- $35 per hour of lesson, and if best, weekend or weekday night. (Best not recommend me to Community Centre, as the teaching there su*k!) If possible, please provide me the link and the price package of the vocal lesson.Thank for viewing the thread and taking the effort to reply me.
Actually, $50 (I'm assuming you're talking in Singapore dollars?) sounds pretty good value for an hour long, one on one lesson. So remember if you're looking for something cheaper, you get what you pay for.

The only things I can think of are looking up places that teach singing professionally (is there a state conservatory in Singapore?) and putting a notice up on their boards, to see if a student is willing to tutor you. Being a student themselves, they may charge cheaper fees.

Another option, but less personal, is to join a community choir. Depending on the skill of the leader, you should get good vocal training and the immediate opportunity to use your skills in a social situation.
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