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Full Version: My travel in Bulgaria with a hired car
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I was in Bulgaria last month.I have never been in Bulgaria before .It was very interesting and exciting for me to make a tour in Bulgaria .Mostly to see how people live there.their lifestyle and of course to visit some ancient places.
I made a reservation for a car for the airport ,I intended to arrive in Bulgaria and to start my tour all around that country.I trusted local rent a car company FOX333 ,they welcomed me and my family at Varna airport.(I should confess that when I was on the plain I worried about the delay of my flight. was a big one and if FOX333 would wait so long for us)Nice people,smily.Of course we asked them,the representatives of the company FOX333 Rent a Car ,about the worthseeing places .Altough I had already found out the most interesting places for me from internet.They gave me good advices.Thanks guys.
We started from the Norht seaside to South Seaside(Black Sea) .We visited and slept almost in all seaside towns.Nightlife is great and food and drink is cheap.
Then we went in the countryside-ancient town,capital Veliko Tyrnovo,Kazanlak,Gabrovo,Koprifshtica,Stara Zagora ,but the seaside is really more beautiful.Especially the nature is very innocent.I really like it.
As far to Bulgarians are nice too.Most of them speak English.
Everything is cheaper in Bulgaria -food ,drink ,clothes.We were 3 weeks there -4 people.It did not cost much.May be we will go to Bulgaria again.My children like very much going to the beach.We got tan smile.gif)
Thanks for the what was your favorite thing about Bulgaria?
I am starting to plan a train trip from London to Bulgaria and Romania in Oct 2008. I would be going alone and I have traveled a lot by myself, but I was wondering, since you were just there what you thought about traveling alone through Bulgaria?
Hi to all of you!!!
I would like to invite you to visit Plovdiv- the second largest city in Bulgaria after the capital Sofia. visit our site and see what we offer, I promise you'll have fun here and see lots of amazing local places of interest and the most beautiful nature ever.
We are waiting to meet you in Bulgaria!!!
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I will go soon with some friends that were in Sofia before. I understood the prices in Bulgaria are the lowest in whole Europe and I found this website that will help us to go wild. My first time in a limousine oh boy oh boy oh boy smile.gif Cause after this it will be back to work until the summer. And I HATEEEEEEE WOOOOORRRRRKKKKKKKKK...and my boss.
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