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Full Version: Getting to Aphrodisias, Turkey
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We will be on a group tour in Turkey next May. We would like to see Aphrodisias and are wondering the best way to get there.

Our group will stop in Ephesus, but the tour does not include Aphrodisias. We will end the tour in Antalya. (We will eventually leave Turkey from Istanbul to return to the States.)

What would be the best way to see Aphrodisias and how should we get there? Where should we stay? Can we do this from Antalya? Should we return to Ephesus? What is best means of travel? And then, what is best way to get back to Istanbul?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
Hello, prettygreen. Sorry for the delay in responding to your post but we have just returned from a hectic two-week visit to our family in the UK and I am now busy catching up!

I am sure you will enjoy your travels inn Turkey. Ephesus being a 'must see', of course, and Aphrodisias, must rate as one of Turkey’s most beautifully situated historic sites.

Aphrodite, called Venus by the Romans, meant different things to many people. The goddess of spiritual love to some. To others the goddess of sensual love. Take your pick! Extensive restoration work is taking place here with the hope of this site rivalling Ephesus in years to come. The Theatre from the first century BC is one of the finest examples in Turkey, being remarkably well-preserved and complete with stage area and labelled seats.

It would be best to head there from, or on your return to, Ephesus or Pamukkale (if you plan a visit there, too)

The following link should help with your travel plans: Travel to Aphrodiasias

Hotels nearby?? That's not an easy one but I'll get back to you on that. The nearest town is Nazilli but I can't suggest a hotel there I would recommend! It may be better to artrange a day trip from, say, Pamukkale (130kms) where there is a good choice of hotels and as well as visiting the travertines, you could also take time to explore the ancient site of Hieropolis.

To give you another guide to distances, Antalya is approximately 300kms from Aphrodisias.

I'll get back to you soon, but, in the meantime if you want further clarification or more information do please let me know.

Enjoy your travels.
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