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I am heading to the southern USA in August (Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Lousiana) and would love to go with a travel partner. I thought I would post it here on the off chance someone is looking for an adventure.

My plan is to fly into Florida last week in July/ first week in August, work my way up through the southern states. I'd like to see some of the culture/history/food/art the area has to offer.

I'd like to go budget as much as possible (hostels/camping/public transit or shared vehicle). That being said, I don't want budget to keep me from doing fun things as they come up.

I have an itinerary in mind but have been known to change it on a whim if a better idea comes along. My only firm time line is that I need to be in South Dakota for Aug 20 where I am taking a week long sculpture class at the base of Mt Rushmore (it is a free class through the Parks and there is still room in it).

After that, I may be ready to come home...if not, I may continue on to Burning Man in Nevada (2nd time burner) ...I really have no constraints so I will be prepared for anything and will decide on the fly.

I am looking for a female tavel patner, 25-50. A little about me: I am 35, self employed, happily married with 2 kids (they are all going to grandmas for August so I am footloose and fancy free) I am confident, happy, active and healthy. I like art/history/food and almost every out door activity. If this is something you might be interested in, please send me a note.
Pet Peeve offtopic.gif

This particular Post is not relevant to me since I am Male and outside the age bracket.

However, what is not clear is is this Poster Male or Female? And where is she/he from??

What will your spouse be doing while you are fancy free?

I don't like rules and mandatory entries, but I really wish Poster could be encouraged to indicate whether they are M or F and also their home base. It would help considerably in making a response.

I posted my Peeve here but maybe it should be moved else where like Suggestions, but is there such a Forum??
female, from Canada... husband is going with kids smile.gif
Hey Vickim, since you responded to what I thought were rhetorical questions, I can't resist a bit of teasing.

Free sculpture class at Mr. Rushmore! Free because you will be helping to chisel George W Bush's face next to Teddy Roosevelt's?? GWB a greater war loving jingoist than TR.

Is it Your mother's house your husband is taking the kids to?

Happily married. Because your husband gets along with his mother in law.

Careful. 'Fancy free' just for the duration of separate vacations? The meaning of 'fancy free' is that one's heart is not engaged.

Hope you are prepared for very very hot and very very humid weather with frequent thunderstorms.

Again just teasing. Don't know which smile implies 'teasing' or don't take me seriously.

Art Rom...
Congradulations for having such an adventurous attitude and since I know of the Burning Man, a great marriage. I am serious. It is only the best, built in trust and love that allows for vacations of this kind. Not to change the subject, you can go budget. No one else is crazy enough to go to the South in August. Until you experience it you have no idea of how miserable you are. This is not hot. This is hot steam. Like a hot rock steam bath. That never cools. Not even in the rain but the rain does send the bugs running. I think you are great, but if you paid my way I would not come. I will stay in California. Sorry, I love the south. Not then though. IF you dont like bugs, budget in August is not so good either. Drink lots of water. Lots. One thing I can say is you will get an truly local experience. No one else but the locals. Makes me gasp for air just thinking about it.
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