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For great diving, mountain climbing, and adventure in general consider a trip to this part of the world. Travel warnings are greatly overdone.

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The possibilities in Indonesia are endless and East Timor is worth a quick look even though it is a little shakey.
I have been living in East Timor for 5 months now. I personally don't recommend it to any travelers. It is safe at the current time and the local people are friendly. It's a country with lots of potential, amazing beaches with the best diving ive done in my life. But beaches with rubbish in it, streets with potholes. kids finding food in rivers filled with rubbish and god knows what else. The hardest part to get use to is the living standards of the locals. If you are looking for a journey to see how good your life is back home or maybe learn a lesson or too then come to timor. However if your looking for a thrill ride and cheap food/accommodation then timor is not the place for you. The currency is US dollars and this country is very expensive considering its one of the poorest country in asia. For example a 1 hour massage is us$30 compared to Bali which is us$8

If anyone is seriously interested in Timor i am more then glad to help out.

P.S one of the problems here in Timor is the UN employing people from countries to promote peace. But they come from African countries which are war torn whos own democracy is failing.
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