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Full Version: Buying, Insuring and everything else inbetween with a car road trip.
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I will be traveling from West to East coast of USA in April for 2 months and looking to buy a car and travel across with my partner by ourselves. Just had a few questions and advice from people who know or have done this before

- How easy is it for a British/Danish driver to insure a car in LA California

- What companies would be best to insure a 23 year old and 21 year old driver?

- Can we use our home driving licence?

- How do we register a car once we buy one in LA?

- Anything else we need to know about buying/selling a car?

- Any recommendations for buying a backpacking style car in LA?

Thanks in advance i know there is alot of questions but maybe a few different people can answer them
You have to get an international driver's licence to drive a car in the USA.

What's a "backpacking style" car? Just look on craigslist for a car.
I actually purchased a used car in Miami back in 1970 for US$ 200.00, and sold it three months later in Los Angeles for US$ 100.00. But times were different then.

Looks like you will actually need an address somewhere in California in order to get insurance. It will be expensive with an overseas license as you will be unable to show a US driving record. Literally the insurance company needs a contact in case of accident and somewhere to send the monthly bill. If you have no address, you may be considered as a vagrant.

To be honest I consider this is not a recommended approach. It is risky to buy a decent reliable car at a cheap price, difficult to find insurance at a reasonable rate, and difficult to sell the car before you leave the country. Driving across this huge country of ours will require hundreds of hours of driving. Some of the driving will be through monotonous country with nothing interesting to see. It is much more convenient, and probably much cheaper to rent a car for a few weeks in one place, buy an inexpensive airplane, bus or train ticket, to another interesting part of the US, then rent another car for a few weeks.
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