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Has anyone been to Sri Lanka lately??

I'm going in early August, and was wondering if people think it's safe to travel there, and what the highlights are!!
When I was in India this year and it was kicking off in Sri Lanka, loads of people were going there. If I had not have contracted Hepatitis, I would have gone there instead of Australia. Whilst we were in Aus, a friend O Lucinates went and had a great time

Once there, see the old Royal Cities. There is also the Temple of the Buddha Tooth in Kandy.

I am trying to get a FAQ together. It will come, just bear with me please
Seeing as I'm planning a trip to the sub continent I've been looking into it and as long as you don't go to the far north you should be fine. Although a tourist beach was a recent target. Although Colombo is occasional a target it isn't really a place tourists would stay very long. Most people would get on the first bus/train to Kandy.

I watched Around the World in 80 Treasures (BBC programme) and Sigiriya looked quite amazing. I've met a load of people who went to Sri Lanka and they all raved about it.
I went to Sri Lanka a couple of months ago (July 2006). I only spent a week there but I could have spent a couple of months! Its beautiful! As for safety- I felt fine. I think before I went there were some riots and a bomb in Colombo but I still went and had a wonderful time. I agree just don't go up North were the Tamil Tigers are. My two favorite places were: the Elephant Orphanage near Kandy and Unawatuna was a great beach to relax. And everything was cheap!
Thanks for your input guys!

So...does Sri Lanka have a well-developped tourist industry, or is it still in its infancy?? Can anyone do a comparison for me so I know what to expect???
I left Sri Lanka in 2003 after living there for three years. I obviously still have friends there. I was lucky enough to be able to go north and east, but there was a ceasefire at the time. If I was going now I would enjoy the inland tea country. If you are going all the way to Kandy JUST to see the temple of the tooth you may be disappointed - build in the elephant orphanage on the way (and DON'T touch the elephants, even if the mahouts encourage it, they are dangerous), and include a visit to a tea factory. And take in some south coast beach, of course. In Colombo, make sure you visit Barefoot and Paradise Road. Both very cool places to shop with great cafes.
I am going back for trip number 7 next month and I often travel alone with no problems, like any lone traveller you have to be sensible but common sense a bit of background reading ( such as the rough guide or lonely planet ) will give you a good idea of what to expect in each area

Sri Lankans are very friendly and curious so be prepared to get asked your name, country and where are you going numerous times a day. 99 % of people asking are genuine and there is no hidden agenda but you need to be aware that like anywhere you can meet con men and just be careful and use your judgement

If you want to interact with Elephants then consider visiting the Millennium Elephant Foundation a charity a few Km down from the elephant orphanage, the elephants there are retired or ex working elephants and used to people and you can touch them under supervision ( wash , feed or ride them ) . The Orphanage is a fantastic place to watch and photograph elephants but as nomadic says don't touch with the elephants there as they are a semi wild herd. If you visit the best times are between 10-12 or 2-4 as thats when the elephants are in the river.

Kandy is far busier and built up than the guide books indicate but still worth a visit
Experience a great adventure holiday in Sri Lankan island. The city of Kandy is famous for its Temple of the Tooth and botanical gardens. Following a drive through stunning mountains you'll embark on a jungle trek and canoe on the Kelani River. There's also the opportunity for white water rafting (optional). You'll experience dramatic hill-country and colonial Bandarawela before descending to stay by Uda Walawe NP. After a jeep safari you'll visit the Elephant Transit Home, followed by three nights relaxing on the tropical, Indian Ocean beaches.Continuing your journey on this diverse tropical island, you head inland to climb Sigiriya Rock and explore unspoilt tropical woodland on elephant-back. You can also discover the lush countryside by bike (optional). You'll have the unique opportunity to watch (or help!) local villagers with their early morning fish catch and (season permitting) ride to islands in Parakrama Lake on a fisherman's catamaran. Here you may see ibis, cormorants and other birds.
I went to Sri Lanka for 2 weeks last October and had no trouble at all. I used local buses everywhere and found them easy and very cheap. The further north you went, the more security checks there were on the buses but they only really stopped for about 10 minutes. It really packs a punch for a small country and I'd highly recommend it!
QUOTE(Jessica_CDN @ Nov 6 2006, 08:15 PM) *

Has anyone been to Sri Lanka lately??

I'm going in early August, and was wondering if people think it's safe to travel there, and what the highlights are!!

Hi, I am weerasihghe, who give service as a tourist board approved National guide Lecturer and would like to say mojority of tourist destination are safty . Many tourist visit sri lank a at present. for futher support contact me .Plse dont hesitate to write my
I am going in June.

Its a fantastic Country, and would suggest visiting the Elephants, go along to Kandy and see the Temple of the Tooth. Also, if you have time, head up into the tea planation area of Nurwara Eliya. Galle at the bottom of the island is wonderful, and in the North there are some interesting historical sites. Colombo is a mad crazy city, but good for shopping for the usual holiday nic naks ect.

The beaches in Sri Lanka are nice, - though the sea is often too rough to swim in. Accommodation is very cheap, as is food. People are fantastic.

Yes, the Country has had its fair share of problems, but is desperate for tourists to return to help support the Country.
Sri Lanka is relatively safe country for traveling. After it finished 30 years’ of war there is no bomb of fire now, but there are some advice can give,
1. Better not to travel alone. If alone it is ok but remember to take care yourself.
2. Beach boy’s stringers better be aware of them.
3. At night better stay hotel or where you stay for overnight even locals does not like to go out in darkness.
4. If you like to take sun bath use place not isolated.
5. If you planning to go North then dot forget to take MOD from Minister of defense.
Without that you can’t go there.
My future wife and I spent unforgettable moments on the beaches in Sri Lanka! It is a wonderful honeymoon destination. If you want to spend some quality time with your better half and spoil her, do not rush with the plans! RihlaPrime helped me with some discounts, but I still looked for tickets in time!
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