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26.08, 11:34 RIA Novosti
St. Petersburg, August 26 – RIA Novosti

According to the press service of public organization “Communists of St.Petersburg and the Leningrad region” known for its outrageous statements, the organization suggests to install a bullet-proof cupola over the monument of Lenin by the Finland Railway Station in St. Petersburg, which suffered an explosion on April 1.
On April 1 some unknown persons put and actuated an explosive device causing damage to a building and rear part of the bronze sculpture. On this fact a criminal case was initiated.
By now the handicapped monument has been surveyed and covered by a wooden box. The City Government has decided to demount the monument for restoration works, which were estimated 8 mln.RUR. The demounting works may be started in the nearest future.
“As the monument has been attacked by terrorists the restoration works must be accompanied by the unprecedented protection measures to prevent such attacks in future. The restored monument ‘Lenin on top of the armored car” must be safely protected on full size with the special cupola made of bullet- and explosion-proof materials producible by the defense technologies of the country” – it is said in the statement.
The Communists called up the talented Russian scientists to develop the alloy and the design for the special cupola free of charge.
The monument “Lenin on top of the armored car” by the Finland Railway station is one of the first monumental sculptures of the Soviet period devoted to the historical event. Late in the evening on April 3, 1917 Lenin arrived from emigration to the Finland Railway station, where he was greeted by thousands of workers, soldiers and navals. Raised on top of the armored car he said a speech, calling up to fight for the victory of the socialist revolution.
The famous monument to the chieftain of the revolution was damaged in the Second World War. That time it was protected by sand bags the same as the Bronze Horseman (the famous monument to Peter 1).
Wow, that would be an amazing monument to see in person!
I loved it much more with the hole in the ass. But, unfortunately, they covered it with wooden boxes as soon as the hole appeared.
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