Indian culture is intertwined with daily life in Bangkok. This inter-connection adds even more to the vibrant cultural scene throughout the city.

An estimated 140,000 of the city's 10-plus million residents have roots in modern India, making their presence amply felt in Bangkok's hotels, markets, tailor shops, the gem trade, cricket leagues and contemporary art galleries.

"It's a little-known Indian diaspora community compared to those in places like the United Kingdom or the United States - but perhaps equally influential," says Christopher Rego, a documentary filmmaker who selected Bangkok as the starting point for a multimedia project on the world's Indian communities. "It's like a microcosm of India's diversity."

I know whenever we're there we recognize and appreciate the Indian influence, especially the food. Yum!

For a taste of India in Bangkok, take the chance to visit the following places;

Phahurat's Indian Markets
; Rolls of cloth are still sold here along with Punjabi sweets, incense sticks, jewelry and the latest Bollywood hits on DVD. The setting is less intimidating than the larger labyrinths of Chinatown.

"Little India"
; Little India borders the labyrinthine markets of Chinatown. One of the largest Sikh temples in SEA, Sri Guru Singh Sabha, looms over the Phahurat area, once dominated by textile trading.

Royal India Restaurant
This restaurant is believeded to be the very first Indian restaurant in BKK. Located in a little, out-of-the-way alley, it's worth finding! Sit at one of seven wood tables and chow down on Masala and other delicious Indian dishes!

IPB Image
Little India in BKK

Any other Indian-based favourites from the community?