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Full Version: Italian honeymoon itinerary-need some advice
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Hi everyone,

My fiance and I are planning our honeymoon in Italy this July. We're into food and culture and we'll be renting a car.

What do you think of this itinerary? Any feedback would be really appreciated.

1. Rome - 5 days
2. Siena - 3 days
3. Florence - 4 days
4. Pisa - 2 days
5. Cinque Terre - 3 days
6. Verona - 2 days
7. Venice - 3 days
8. Milan - 2 days

Our full trip plan can be accessed here:

Thank you,
Looks good to me but is there any reason why you are doing Milan last? Would it not make more sense to do that before Verona and Venice so that you don't have to go back on yourself? How are you travelling? Renting a car you can enjoy the beautiful countryside and stop whenever you see something worth seeing or a trattoria that looks good. But train is of course faster. While in Rome it would be worth making a day trip to Pompeii - definetely worth seeing in my opinion! I am sure you will have a wonderful honeymoon. Buone vacanze! :-)
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