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Full Version: One week!!
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Okay - so it's one week until I leave for my trip!! I can't believe that it's actually here!

The plan so far is to catch a flight to San Diego next Wednesday and stay there for a day or so before moving south into Mexico. Woo hoo!!

Thanks to everyone for their great ideas & support. I'll be on intermittently while travelling, so prolly a few less forum posts.



You bet! I've been doing the plog (pre blog), and will start a new one dedicated to the travels upon departure. The link is in my signature smile.gif
Good Luck!!!!

Let me know when you get to Colombia, so I can tell you the best places where to go.

Jess my dear,

Where has the time gone? You must be splitting at the seams!

Anyway, have a blinder of a trip, it'll be fantastic and I'll be following along. Don't forgot to say hi in here from time to time, we'll miss ya!

Oh and 'plog' without doubt, has got to be word of the month!
Will do Caro! I expect to be there late I'll check back in with you around then. smile.gif

Scott - thx! I'm excited to get some feedback on my blog - it's nice to know that people are actually reading it. haha.

Oh - and credit for the word "plog" has to go to Barrett's partner Tina! They were down for Christmas and she coined the phrase, much to everyone's delight. smile.gif
Jess, if everything goes as plan, I will be in Colombia in January, o we can probably meet!!!!!!! YUPI!!!!

We keep in touch!!!!

Caro, that would be amazing!! We'll definitely keep in touch! Now I"m really excited! smile.gif
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