Im a 'New Road-tripper' - undertaking a trip from the UK to Istanbul and back in a 500 car!

I have recently posted my first blog on my page called 'Bristol to Istanbul - How hard can it be?'

It details my plans for a 5555 mile road trip to Istanbul and back to the UK, taking place in June 2013. Myself and my co-pilot 'DanClarkeuk', will be visiting major cities along the way including; Berlin, Krakow, Vienna, Bucharest, Budapest and a shed load more (detailed in blog). We will be documenting it and including videos of the trip.

This is my first major road trip type plan and I'd appreciate any advice or tips on making it a success.



I know there's only one entry at present, but the trip hasn't begun yet!! Take a look, it's going to be classic and I want your ideas!!