I am planning a cycle trip from Bangkok to Angkor Vat next week crossing the border at Aranyaprathet/Poi Pet.

Some folks tell me that the direct route from Bangkok is industrial belt and pretty boring, so I am wondering if I can take a slightly longer route that is more interesting (scenic/temples/good cycling conditions). I am also thinking of visiting Ayutthaya temples.

How is the Ayutthaya to Aranyaprathet direct route (via Prachin Buri and Kabin Buri) for cycling? Any suggestions on overnight stays (I can do around 80-100 km a day)? Any detours I can take to avoid traffic (is it going to be bad?)

Another option I can think of is to head north-east from Ayutthaya to Pak Chong and Pak Thong Chai, and then cut southwards on AH19 to Kabin Buri, and then continue on AH1 till Poi Pet. This will add around 150 km distance, so I want to know if it will really be worth it. Will this be much better than the direct route for cycling?

Third option is to go north-east from Ayutthaya to Pak Chong and and then to Nang Rong before moving southwards to Aranyaprathet on AH121 along the border with Cambodia. I am guessing that this might have much less traffic and could also be more beautiful. But will it be safe, and will I be able to find places to eat and stay?

I am riding solo, know only English, can do around 80-100 km per day, and have around 5-6 days for Bangkok to Siem Reap. I can adjust my expectations and can make do with regular budget accomodations (can also spend more if needed). I am also assuming that it will be warm in March, and I dont need to take any warm clothing for any of the routes.

Please help with suggestions on the route I should take. Is there some better option I am missing?