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I really want to travel the US

When the kids were yonger we did all the tourist stuff, Disney, Wet 'N Wild, Universal, Sea World

Stayed in a lot of hotels

Years later I went there with my wife, pretty much did the same things but without the kids

Well now I want to do it again, but without all the tourist bits and the wife

What is the best way and on a budget to see the US ?

Is it any good on your own or with someone you meet ion the way ?

Is it a good idea to meet up with someone at home and discuss plans ?

I have looked at this TrekAmerica, its not a very cheap way to see the US, in fact its expensive

Hoiring a car can work out expensive if its long term as well

Well anything anyone has to say would be appreciated, If anyone has any plans to travel the US soon, let me know

If you have travelled the US for any length of time, how much did it cost, where did you go, what did you see, how did you do it, what transport did you use ?

Thanks, anyone
WOW, I got a reply,

I have been to India on a safari since I wrote that,

I have now got a Sth America trip to do, then back to India in October to do another safari with the same company, but as a guide this time

The US wont be until next year now though, but its not hotels or hostels, its a tent and sleeping bag, and then see where we get to, I dont have a destination in mind, just where I turn up I guess
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