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Hi all,

I am heading to Croatia in a couple of weeks and was wondering what most economic accommodation will be? We have no set plans (fly into Split) and then see where the mood takes us for 2wks. I thought that Croatia was still a fairly cheap place to visit, however we have friends over there now and she says that it is about 40euro per night - surely that can't be right? I was thinking about taking the tent if it will save a bundle of cash?

Any advice is appreciated thumbsup.png
How was your time in Croatia? A couple of mates of mine have just come back from a long weekend there and they loved it. They said the scenery was superb and it was surprisingly warm for this time of year (20s).

Anyone have any recommendations for places to visit there?
I've also heard it can be a good cheap option for skiing - any truth in this?

Hi Steve,

Well Croatia was amazing! I have never been so relaxed in my whole life - I was even considering moving there beach.gif

We arrived in Split and took the bus from the airport straight to the ferry, where we headed for Korcula. For me, this was the place I loved the most. It is very small and 'old town' is a beautiful labyrinth of marble streets (damn slippery though)! After about 4 days we headed over to Hvar and although it was nice, for me it was too big and commercial. After another few days we headed to Bol on the Island of Brac. This island was gorgeous (watch out for those nudists) and we had a proper beach (well pebbles) to sunbake on.

As you can probably tell, we decided to spend the majority of our time island hopping as opposed to being on the main land. It was much more relaxed and accommodation was very easy to find any place we arrived.

I am already planning my next visit - I think I will try for around April next year. Hope this helps ;-)


Isn't Korcula a great place. Lucinate and myself had an apartment for 4 days I think last year, a ten minute walk away from the centre. We use to wake up, walk across the road and have a swim. Walk all day and then come back and swim again. It was so good. Loved it. Wasn't as impressed with Hvar, especially when they were charging $100USD for a lobster !!!After Korcula, we made out way to Dubrovnik. Now that was spectacular
I have a whack of family in Dubrovnik. It really is the cat's ass. I had a great time sea kayaking, hiking and also doing alot of fishing, on an eat-what-you-catch basis. Alot of the family feed themselves this way as they are quite poor. We had some lovely meals! It's really beautiful around there. Can't wait to go back sometime.
We went camping for a week in Pula, Croatia and it was the best! It was the most relaxing, beautiful, time I have ever had. And the people were amazing! No one was pushy or tried to rip us off, everyone was great, many that we met spoke English, German and Italian, it was super!

I want to go back next year, down closer to the middle of the country. I hear it is even more beautiful in Dalmatia. Has anyone gotten out to the waterfalls in the middle of the country? I forgot the name.
QUOTE(uncle_davros @ Oct 20 2006, 05:06 PM) *

Isn't Korcula a great place.

Hy to all, just one information Korcula is birthplace of famos explorer Marko Polo !!!

Thx for visit my country ( sorry my english is' not very good )

Too kacampau : Plitvicka jezera -Plitvics lakes
if u are looking for cheap place to stay at Korcula look for Dragan's Den.
and some great Croatian offers here
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