I'm going to Copenhagen soon and wanted to know if anybody have had any experience with http://running-copenhagen.dk which is a sightseeing jogging slash running tour company? I've visited their TripAdvisor page, but wanted to try out you guys as well. So please help me!


I'm in Copenhagen now and back from a City Tour with Lena from Running Copenhagen as my guide. Despite the snowy and windy conditions it was an amazing running tour and I got to see many interesting sights and got familiar with the danish history. I'm not a fast runner, but the pace was good and we did small stops to get a better look at the queens castle, the little mermaid (not the Disney-version) amongst other things. A great way to explore Copenhagen and learn about Denmark and danes while you get your exercise and not just sitting in a boring tour bus!

Any suggestions on what to do in Copenhagen???
I'm here until easter holidays and trying out the italian restaurant Fiat, that my running guide suggested.