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Hi All,
I posted a while ago regarded a trip to the costa brava a Christmas, we have gone ahead with our plans and are going to Blanes, for 3 weeks over Christmas! We are flying to Barcelona with easy jet.

Yesterday I had a little brain wave smile.gif I would like to see a little more of Europe in particular Prague. I had a look round at flights and hotels and found some really good deals, but a very big BUT, i have read some mixed reviews on low cost European airlines. I have found some good price flights with Wizz Air and Air Europa, I could do my trip using easyjet (an airline i trust) but this would mean a trip to milan (not that im complaining) and a kip in the airport due to the cost of accommodation in milan. By using other airlines i could so straight to prague form Barca.

I am just wondering if anyone has ever used these airlines?

Thanks smile.gif
Yeah, I flew WizzAir to Prague last week - absolutely fine, same standard as EasyJet, and probably more likely to be on time from my experience!
I have never used Whizzair, and probably will now that I hear good comments on it.
I am ah easyjet supporter and I have flown with them for more than 10 times. I had just once a delay in this trip -London -Madrid , for just half an hour. Never before have I had a delay. They are very cheap especially if you book 5 or 6 months ahead.
(New entries today-METEORA in North Greece, and LONDON sightseeing)

Thank you very much dear member, flowers.png

You see, I like writing down such information about different airlines, and have a notebook where I keep all the interesting info I get in the forums on different things as well.
Yours is of help to many of us, and as for me I will check on these airlines you included here for my next trip to Europe!
(More than 4.200 photos in my blogs)
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