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Full Version: bariloche or Mendoza in early September ?
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Hi, I'm planning a two week trip to Argentina and want to do some hiking in addition to a week in BA. Bariloche sounds more appealing but I am concerend that it may more of a place for Skiing rather than walking in September. Any thoughts most welcome.

Peter from UK
Hi Peter,

I'm not sure about walking conditions as such, but I do know that it should be spring in Bariloche then (but given global warming, you never know!) I found a good weather website specific to that region, so I hope it is helpful.

Hopefully someone will have been there at that time of year to give you a better insight
As Kathryn says, you have to keep in mind that in the southern hemisphere the seasons are reversed. The climate in Bariloche is very similar to the Alps or the Rockies in April, which tend to be rainy in the lower reaches around the cities, and still some late snow higher in the mountains.

Mendoza is much drier and is semi-desert. Here's a breakdown on Mendoza weather:
Both are fantastic places... I was at both probably this time last year..... the slopes at Bariloche will be open and are pretty good. Obviously the views are stunning. Mendoza is obviously the place for wine. If you head to Bariloche i'd recommend staying at 1004 hostel - amazing views and smack bang in the middle of town! A week in BA is quite a long time, especially as you only have 2 weeks..... In that time you could actually do all 3 places if you cut down your time in BA to 3 or 4 days. Also, LAN airways do cheap airfares.. it's actually cheaper to book a return and not use the return leg than a single! Very jealous though, Arg is a tip top place!
Just left Bariloche 2 days ago. Went to San Martin de los Andes for a day..and just arrived in Mendoza today.

They got dumped on in Bariloche couple days ago (snowed for 2 days straight)...hiking is not the best this time of year, more ski, but might be accessable depending on how much you like the cold--and if willing to drive little further to national parks where not covered in snow.

Mendoza is much warmer/tolerable right now...and warming up to the 70/80īs this coming week (supposedly). It is a little bit of a bus-ride to the good hiking (couple hours), but have the highest peak in SA and also pretty close to San Juan which has some great hiking from what I hear.

Lake Districts would be a much better hike if both had ideal conditions...and if you got the bullocks to gear up and weather the frigid temps...views are simply amazing.
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