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Full Version: Monomoy/Chatham, MA
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I'm headed back to my place of rearing this weekend (mid-Cape Cod, MA) to swim in Nantucket Sound, a summer tradition. I've never gone down to Chatham to check out the seals that bask on/near Chatham/Monomoy. Any tips or suggestions? I'd like to see them from land without paying the money for a boat charter... let me know if that's wishful thinking. Thanks!
Well...this person went swimming and inadvertently bumped into a seal!

But I'm not sure exactly where he was, maybe you could send him a message.

This guy saw one in Orleans:

Doesn't seem to be too many people spotting lots of seals on land, I saw a few blogs about people taking boats out, but I guess you don't want to do that...
Thanks for the links and reply. I'll go hunting around the Cape this weekend and let you all know what I find.
Well, the day didn't go as planned and I never made it out to Monomoy, however I'm wondering if sea kayaking is the way to see the seals. I think that's what I'm going to try next time I go.
That would be lovely! But I'm assuming it's one of those hit and miss things... you're probably not guaranteed to see a seal up close and personal, but it would be AWESOME if you did.
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