hello, new member here

I am currently in valparaiso studying until the end of the month, at which time I will leave for patagonia. starting in punta arenas then heading to puerto natales to get to torres del paine. after words I will head to coyhaique before returning. I have two weeks so obviously i will not get to see much but enough to make me want to stay smile.gif Wondering first of all if anyone else has a similar plan or experience - if theer are other travelers going at the same time let me know, I am currently flying solo - and if there are any paid for expeditions that are truly worth th emoney over the rest. I plan on camping/ hostels for overnights but don't mind booking alux room for a night or two as well, why not? Huge flyfisherman here too so if anyone has some inside info on that, truly appreciated thank you and let me know!