Hi everyone,

I have been reading through the various posts here on Travel Pod and have found them immensely helpful. I hope some of you may be able to help me plan my trip to Bolivia smile.gif.

I will be doing the 5D/4N hike to Machu Pichu along with a group of friends at work. We will be done with MP by June 1st. Some of us will be doing an extended trip to Bolivia and this is where i need some help.

We have to be back in Lima, Peru on January 8th, to catch our flight at 4.25 AM smile.gif. So basically, we have 7 days to explore Bolivia(and something else if possible). Can you guys please help me in finalizing my itinerary in Bolivia. I would like to visit Lake Titicaca(heard that Puno is not a good place for viewing Lake Titicaca?), La Paz, Sucre and the Salt Flat islands at Uyuni. Here are my questions:

1) Is this too much to plan for in 7 days?

2) We were thinking of renting a car and driving down to all the locations? Is this advisable? Or should we plan to travel to places by bus?

3) Which route would you recommend we take?

4) What kind of things should we plan to do in Lake Titicaca? I have read about the boat ride to the floating islands, catamaran cruises? Anything else you would recommend?

5) Is it possible to take just a 2D tour of the Salt Flat lands in Uyuni?

I am still new in my research about these things but would really appreciate if I can get some help from the experts! Thanks a bunch and happy new year to all!!