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Full Version: Order of entries in my blog?
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Newbie here, playing with travelpod. Creating my first blog, and have been entering the days in random order. Now they're appearing in the order I entered, rather than in chronological order. How can I make them go logically chronologically, rather than in this hysterical order that's hard for me to edit?
All entries will be sorted according to the date of the entry. Just close your blog and reopen it. Please write to if this does not work.
If you are looking at the list of your entries hoover the mouse on the entry and on the far left side by their dates, an Up and Down Arrow appears, mouse over that and you click and drag to re-order manually the entries. This solution is good for when you have more than one entry on the same date but one of course happened before the other.

However, I think the best solution is if you click edit on your entry and change the date at the top! It automatically starts off as the date you wrote it but you can manually change that so if you are adding blogs for past trip it's a great feature!

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