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Hello All,

To get to the point, I am a 49 year old American woman who will be arriving in Saint Louis around the end of September. I am living in Essaouira, Morroco and am looking for a shared ride to Senegal and more importantly, work in Saint Louis. I am a certified Eneglish teacher and have been travel/working for the past 18 years. IŽll be arriving with less than 100 euros and no safety net so ANY information about work in Saint Louis would be helpful. Bed and board in exchange for teaching is the optimal possibility for me. Also any place to stay immediately upon arrival that is looking for worker in exchange for rent would be very helpful.
IŽve lived/worked in the following countries and would be happy to share information and tips. I only do very low budget situations, so questions about flights and hotels are out of my league, sorry. Anything else, however I would be glad to answer. MEXICO, CARRIBEAN, AUSTRALIA, MOST EUROPEAN COUNTRIES, MORROCO
Hi Welcome to the forums...

You are more than welcome to join the Local Expert team, who, but I can't offer you any help finding a job in St. Louis

I'm sure you've checked all the job boards already, but here is the craigslist site for education type jobs in St. Louis:
Sorry that no one had been able to help with a shared ride. How are you getting along? I would love to learn about your experiences. Can you start a blog for for us? It sounds like an incredible experience. For how long were you in Morocco?
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