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Hello all!
What you think is the best thing to choose when you go to vacation in Belarus, an appaptment or hotel stay?
I used hotels when I travelled in Belarus but I did not stay such a long time. If I were to spend a prolonged time period in any country, I would definitely consider an apartment.
I have not been to Belarus, but I have stayed in an apartment in Paris (twice) and Barcelona. I liked it very much. For us, a family of 4, it's a lot more room for a much smaller cost. Plus I like eating at "home" part of the time, shopping at the local markets, etc. It gives you the feeling of being more of a local.
I would suggest hotel. They are not very expensive.. But then it depends on where you are going and how many stars you would want. I am suggesting hotel for the simple reason that it takes care of registration with the police. In Belarus you have to register with police within the 3 days of the arrival and if you stay in hotels they will do that for you. What city are you planning on staying? jump.gif
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