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I would like to get my blog turned into a book, but the link does not work. I saw a previous question and the answer directed the person to sharedbook's customer service. I tried that and haven't gotten a response. I even tried to turn it into a book from their website and they say my blog url is not valid. Please help me. I joined this site because you said my blog could be turned into a book.

We have contacted Sharedbook and they should get back to you soon. Please let me know when they contact you or in about a week if they haven't contacted you by then.

We have received a response from SharedBook on this one.

You have an entry titled "I <3 Brugge" apparently the < is breaking their parser even though we are escaping it.. We are awaiting further response on this one.. however if you change the title (maybe 'I heart Brugge') you should be able to create the book now.
We have managed to make the necessary changes to our program so that you can now create yout book without any problems.
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