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Full Version: To purchase or take a gps device to the States?
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My family is travelling from Sydney Australia across to New York USA in early October. From there we will be driving around the east coast fairly extensively.

We will fly down to Orlando and then drive to New Orleans, Memphis and back through Georgia to Orlando to fly back to Philadelphia. Then we are off to Niagara Falls, Washington, Boston, etc.

All this driving really requires a good GPS device to help us find our way.

I currently have a GPS (Tom Tom) and want to know the best way to go. Do I buy a memory card for the old GPS, then purchase and download an East Coast USA map to take the old GPS to the States? Or do I purchase a GPS in the States and use it while over there?

Not sure about purchasing electrical items in the States, and whether I can purchase duty-free while over there (no use buying duty-free in Sydney as I'm back with the same problem).

Any suggestions on the best way to go. Getting a GPS with the hire car gets quite prohibitive.
So, what you're saying is that your GPS that you have won't work in the states as it is?

Get it working before you go, if you can't, buy one in the states when you get there. I think you can get them for about $80 now.
I think your best bet is to get the map pack for your old GPS before you go.

I got a European Map Set on eaby pretty cheap.

Also, you HAVE to go to the Rendezvous BBQ Restaurant when you're in Memphis. It's probably the best dry rub ribs that I've ever had.

If you need some more advice for places to eat I'd recommend using Chowhound for some ideas.
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